Design in concert with the elements.

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TridiPanel Hi'ilani

Hi'ilani Ecohouse

Ninety degree angles are rarely seen in nature. Over eons, nature has developed structural engineering principles to create the most efficient forms. Snowflakes, crystals and honeycombs are hexagons, with 120-degree angles that provide strength and beauty throughout the natural world.


Like the leaves of a tree, the butterfly roofs collect water and solar energy. Their wing shapes employ Bernoulli's Principle to create accelerated airflow through the building.

In many ways, the Hi'ilani EcoHouse functions like the human body, with built-in capacities for self-regulation and self-care.  It utilizes nature’s bounty to create its own energy, employs intrinsic mechanisms for maintaining optimum temperature and respiration (ventilation,)  drinks water from the heavens, and returns waste water in a useful form to the environment. 

Hiilani EcoHouse