“The House the Future Needs Now” aims to hand those who follow us a gift, not a bill.


Instead of sending a bill to the future, we are sending benefits.
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Awakening the Dreamer
Hi'ilani Ecohouse

The Hiʻilani project was initiated by two couples who have been long time friends, and who share a vision of cooperative living, not only with each other as individuals, but also with the larger community of people and nature to which they belong. 


In envisioning the project, they were inspired by the “Awakening the Dreamer, Changing the Dream” initiative of The Pachamama Alliance.  They determined that the project should be carried out in service to the goal of creating a sustainable future for all.


The project has unfolded organically, continually revealing new possibilities, and resulting in creative outcomes at every stage that surpass expectations.


“We are blessed to be part of a larger journey that is shared with all participants: the land, the community, our designer Robert Mechielsen, and the engineers, craftspeople and suppliers who truly put their heart and enjoyment into their work.”


People put their best energies into what they enjoy, and this project deserves, and has inspired, each participant’s best.  The people of Hiʻilani are tremendously grateful to be a part of enabling this vision. As they move ahead, they intend to remain in service to the community and to the land.