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To keep foods fresh longer, to use less energy, to give our kitchen designers maximum flexibility, and to support the highest standards for protecting the health of the homeowner and the environment, we chose Liebherr refrigeration.


Liebherr’s ActiveGreen® initiative produces the world’s first line of refrigerators that comply with ROHS (Restriction of the use of Hazardous Substances) standards. All their units are ENERGYSTAR compliant. Their Bio-Fresh technology keeps fruits and vegetable fresh up to three times longer, and they hold more food than typical units claiming larger capacity. Convenience features like Varioboxes and Variospace can adjust for extra-large items when necessary.


Liebherr’s svelte dimensions, and the flexibility to choose stainless steel or wood-clad doors that match the kitchen’s cabinetry enabled Ford Forest Woodworks to give the Hiʻilani EcoHouse a strikingly beautiful and functional kitchen design.


Commitment to environmental health and a healthful home, plus the beauty, convenience and energy-efficiency of their products made Liebherr the natural choice for the Hiʻilani EcoHouse.