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“Eco Cooling” is one of the most innovative features of the Hi’ilani EcoHouse. Cool air enters the house at night through computer-controlled louvers, cooling the concrete ceiling. The ceiling then acts as ‘thermal battery’, storing the cold for later use. The heat of the following day is relieved by cool air settling down from the ceiling into the home’s interior. On hotter days, energy-efficient fans from The Modern Fan Company assist the distribution of the ceiling’s coolness into the living spaces, creating a comfortable living environment under a wide range of climate conditions.


The only parts of the Eco cooling system that require electricity are the motors of the automated louvers and the ceiling fans. The Modern Fan Company’s efficient ENERGY STAR qualified products are ideal for this application. Their unique contemporary styles offer pleasing options for designers and homeowners. We chose their “Altus” design.


Cool By Design
Ron Rezek is a design entrepreneur and educator whose influence is reflected in designs that transcend fashion fads, achieving artful products that are simultaneously contemporary and timeless.  Elegance is combined with technical excellence in these fans, to provide comfort and aesthetic pleasure in The Hiʻilani EcoHouse, and in your home, for many years.